We and our Vision


La Fuente

La Fuente means ‘the Source’.

The source where you will find improvement for the quality of life.


Many people suffer with pain. Often, after a long search, one finally gets the message: “Learn to live with it”. A sad message with a huge impact. Because, as long as you can search for new doors to open, there is hope. ‘Try to learn to live with it’ is a dead end!


Fortunately, we have a different vision!

Our experience is that we can reduce your pain and often even help you to get totally pain free.

We work in a natural way, without electric devices, without chemical means.

Our strength lies in a combination of Western and Oriental medicine.  We will find the cause of your problem and with our techniques we stimulate the self-healing power of your body.  75% of our clients is pain free after treatment and the others experience a significant improvement.


And we are…

Wilma en Mariska, two like-minded souls who really want to help you.

From our ‘care background’ we have specialized ourselves in the manual therapies that will help you with your complaints.

We also find pleasure in further training, so we can keep up with the rapidly developing world of massage.