Triggerpoint Therapy


The triggerpoint therapy is a deep-tissue massage given directly on the triggerpoint.

A triggerpoint is a small contraction in the muscle-tissue and feels like a grain of rice, or a pea, which is hidden deep in the muscle.† The effect of a triggerpoint is that it weakens the muscle but also that it causes tension in that muscle. The tendons get stressed which has itís impact on the surrounding joints.

It is known that triggerpoints cause pain in the head, neck and jaws, and in the lower back. They cause symptoms such as ear pain, dizziness, nausea, heartburn and tennis elbow. They also can cause colic in babies.

The constant tension in the triggerpoint itself limits the circulation in the surrounding area. The accumulation of residues but also the lack of oxygen and nutrients which are necessary for the cell metabolism can leave them there for months, even years, unless there is an intervention. This vicious circle must be broken.

The special feature of the triggerpoints is that they almost always cause pain in a different spot: this is called referred pain.

This referred pain occurs in predictable patterns. Once you know where to search, triggerpoints are easy to find and you can disable them in several ways.



Dorn Therapy and the Breuss massage


The Dorn Therapy is a mild and painless method to bring shifted vertebrea and joints back in their original position. The starting point of this method is the correction of the length difference of the legs. Almost everyone has a deviation like this because of space in the joints caused by wrong sitting or standing. This results in an unnatural position of the spine, causing back pain and hip, knee, shoulder and neck problems.

In most forms of therapy the shorter leg is artificially made longer (sole in shoe) while by the Dorn Therapy we shorten the longer leg back to its normal position. After this correction all the vertebrae and joints will be checked and if necessary corrected. These corrections will be done with the help of the client himself who slightly moves the limb in a special way so the therapist can easily push all the bones to their original spot, easy, soft and almost painless. After the correction you will enjoy the Breuss massage which stretches the spine to make room for an optimal circulation in this area. We use a special oil for this treatment.



Cupping Therapy


Cupping Therapy is an ancient method to activate the self healing power of the body.

By using cups and vacuum we stimulate the circulation of the skin.

This connective-tissue massage is relaxing and de-toxing. In China this technique is used for centuries. It cures back, neck and shoulder problems. And also it is a relieve for stuck cold, cold, fatigue, lethargy, tension of stress, fibromyalgia, any muscle or joint pain and cellulite. The cupping still works the same only the cups are adapted to the modern times.