Indian Head massage


Indian Head massage is the massage given by hairdressers in Asia, since long, long time.

In this massage head, face, neck, shoulders, back and upper arms are treated. There is no use of oil and you are wearing your own clothes.

This massage activates the blood circulation and causes the scalp in good condition. It makes the hair strong and shiny.

Indian Head massage is very effective for painful neck muscles and headaches caused by tension and stress. In addition, it is an excelent remedy against insomnia.




Japanese Facial Massage


At a Japanese Facial massage we use the shiatsu-techniques. It is a refined massage that treats, through soft kneading, friction and pressure points, the superficial and deep tissue of face, neck and shoulders as in the Japanese medical tradition. It has a rejuvenating effect, because the fatigue of your face disappears. A natural facelift that is already noticeable after a few treatments.

Relaxing the neck and shoulders by this massage provides relief and reduces tension on and in the head, †immediately noticeable after the treatment.

A Japanese Facial massage is soothing for body and mind.




Foot Massage


A pleasant feeling is spreading through your body after this delicious foot massage in which we use ethereal oils, chosen especially for you, to what you currently need.

The reflex zones of the feet are connected to certain areas in the body: organs, muscle groups and neural pathways. These zones are activated by means of the foot massage. The self healing ability of the body is stimulated and the complaints in the area of the treated zones be fought.

This massage is a good choice, for example, when you suffer of chronic fatigue, sleep disorders and restless legs. But even if you donít have any complaints, this is an excellent method to get some extra energy.