Shiatsu Chair Massage


This massage is a method, just as effective as it is fast, to get rid of stress and tension. Seated on a special chair you will enjoy a shiatsu pressure point massage. All the  stress related places will be treated. During this massage you are still wearing your clothes so it is always and everywhere easy to receive. Head, neck, shoulders, back and hips are in 20 minutes completely loosened. The effect is incredible and immediately noticeable. You will feel yourself more energetic and more relaxed. Ready for the next challenge.




Pitjit Chair Massage


Pitjit is a traditional Indonesian way of massage and has always been taught by parents to their children. That is the reason why there are no textbooks for this knowledge.

With great pleasure we learned this skill from an Indonesian lady, so… very close to the source.

Pitjit is an intuitive way of massaging. A sturdy, full massage with successive fast movements. Oil or balm and hot or cold compresses are some of the general tools we use for the Pitjit massage.